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Website Development

Using Adaptive Website Design, we are able to build websites that will impress your customers on all devices – mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers and laptops. Unlike Responsive Design (which simply adapts to the screen size), Adaptive Design can also make use of features available on particular devices, such as GPS and touch-screen capability.

Why Get a Website?

There are many reasons why a website can be beneficial to your organization, and of course these benefits will vary depending on what your organization does. There's not enough space here to cover every scenario, so let's use the charity and non-profit sector to illustrate some general points.
For a charity, a 'good' website can be very beneficial in a number of ways, including:
•    Raising general awareness of their organization
•    Giving wider access to their publication's, research, and campaign's
•    Increased opportunities for fundraising
•    Increased opportunities for increasing readership/membership
•    Cost effective means to present supporting multimedia - film, audio, etc.
•    Real-time, instant-response editing/updating capability
•    Instant interaction with members/audience - polls, feedback, member contribution, etc
The Web is the most comprehensive, cost effective communication tool there has ever been. But you should notice our emphasis on the importance of having a 'good' website. The beauty of the Web is that it allows everyone to have a voice, but this means there are millions of voices all competing to be heard.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre develops, implements and supports Information Systems and Applications that support different processes of our customers. NETCOM-RWANDA ltd also provides access to ICT resources; supports and maintains our customers ICT facilities. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have guaranteed access to ICT resources that facilitate their daily performance.
We offer services in the following key areas: Management Information System (MIS), Network and Communication Services, User Support & Maintenance and Research & Innovation services. We are committed to delivering quality ICT services to the Public, University community and all our esteemed customers.
We encourage feedback from our customers for continual improvement of the quality of services that we offer.

Mr. Antoine Marie Zacharie NSHIMIYUMWUNGELI

You want to get a website, but need some basic guidance? Netcom-rwanda ltd is here to help you with the fundamentals:

•    Website Preparation & Planning
•    Navigation & Information Structures
•    Domain Names
•    Hosting
•    Web Technologies
•    Content Management Systems
•    Website Maintenance
•    Search Engines
•    Usability & Accessibility